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  • Top 5 Homeowner Insurance Myths

    Many people believe that their homeowner's policy will cover for most damages done to their home or belongings. What a lot of homeowners do not know is that there are many exclusions on many coverages and sometimes it can be unclear of what you have and do not have. To help clear up some of those questions, here are five common homeowner insurance myths:

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  • How to Create a Home Inventory

    You will never know when a disaster will strike but you can prepare for it. Before you are faced with a loss, create an up-to-date home inventory list of your belongings. Start by describing each item and writing down the make, model, serial number, value, and purchase date. If you have the sales receipts, or appraisals, keep them with your list. For clothing, count the items by

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  • Top 5 Auto Insurance Questions

    Before you buy auto insurance, make sure you understand your policy. There is some misinformation that all drivers should know when insuring their vehicle and we are here to separate the fact from fiction:

    1. The color of my car affects my auto insurance premium?

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